Welcome to Temple
Where the only thing you need to do is Relax

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"There is something special about Temple. Most people feel a deep relaxation before their treatment or session even begins. Make the most of your time on Gower and give yourself the gift of some time at Temple".

Jenny Cole. Founder of Temple

Meet The Team


Jenny Cole

PKP Kinesiology.

Non-Duality Self-Inquiry Sessions.

Meditation Sessions

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Eve Harlow


Abdominal Sacral Massage.

Tuina Massage

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Helen Creswell

Clinical Aromatherepy.

Therapeutic & Sports Massage.

Children's Holistic Therapies.


Ruth Harlow

Rebirthing and Breathwork.

Sound Healing.

Meditative Yoga and Sound.


Beth Hawkins

Complimentary Therapies.

Supporting Women through Cycles of Life.

Specialising in Pregnancy & Postpartum.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga.